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THOMAS G. OEY, Ph.D 黄美树(2005年2月-6月在我院任教)


A teaching and/or research position at an educational institution that will utilize my fifteen years of experience in teaching, writing and editing in the languages, literature, history, culture, philosophy and religion of Britain, America, France, Germany, China, Indonesia and Singapore. In addition to the above, my language skills, fifteen years experience in cross-cultural teaching, editing and publishing experience, plus advanced degrees in philosophy and religion have prepared and qualified me for these career opportunities.


Ph.D., Vanderbilt University-Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Major: Religion/History of Christian Thought; Minor: Philosophy; 1987-1991 Dissertation title: "Wyclif's Life and Thought Within the Context of His Doctrinal and Social Ideas." Advisor: Prof.Eugene TeSelle

M.A., Vanderbilt University-Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Major: Religion; 1990

M.A., University of St. Thomas-Houston, Texas, USA. Major: Philosophy; 1985-1987.

Graduate Studies, Emory University-Atlanta, USA. Institute for Liberal Arts; 1984-1985

B.A., Wesleyan University-Middletown, Connecticut, USA. Major: Classics; 1980-1984

High School Diploma, Singapore American School-Singapore; 1976-1980


2004-2005 Zhejiang Trade & Economy Technical Institute Shaoxing Branch Institute English Instructor

2003- Writer/Research Consultant of Asian Christian History

1995-2002 Baptist Theological Seminary, Singapore, Lecturer, Historical/Theological Studies  

1994-1996 Periplus Editions, Singapore, Editor of travel books and maps on the Asia Pacific.

1993-1994 Baptist Sunday School Board, Nashville, Tennessee USA Editor of Bible lessons for the Deaf, internationals and American Indians.

1991-1992 Multicultural Church Development Associates/Black Church Consultants of America Nashville, Tennessee USA: Local Coordinator  

1991-1992 Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee USA Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religious and Philosophical Studies

1990-1992 American Baptist College, Nashville, Tennessee Adjunct Assistant and Associate Professor

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