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Jaz Chow

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Jaz Chow (Laura) Ms(2004年在我院任教)


Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (T.E.S.O.L) - currently pursuing

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (T.E.F.L.)

Bachelor of Science (Business Administration)

- University of Phoenix

Cambridge GCE 'A' Level

Cambridge GCE 'O' Level

Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies (Three-quarter completed)

Certificate in Life Insurance (Singapore Institute of Insurance)

Certificate in General Insurance (Singapore Institute of Insurance)

London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (L.C.C.I):

Higher Group Diploma in Accounting

Higher Group Diploma in Costing

Higher Certificate in Auditing

Intermediate Group Certificate in Book-keeping

Intermediate Certificate in Structure of Commerce


1. Sanjiang University, Nanjing (Marketing & English Language Teacher)

(Feb 2003 till Jan.2004)

2. Customer Service Consultant (2nd Team Leader)

(Feb. 2000 till July 2002)

Arthur Andersen (Singapore)

3. Lounge Manageress

(Feb. '97 - Feb. '00)

The Excelsior Hotel

4. Showroom Sales Manager

(May '93 - Jan. '97)

Comfy Interior Design/ Décor

5. Public Relations Executive (Front Office)

(Sept. '91 - Feb '93)

Changi Meridien Hotel

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