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Simon Peter(2003-2004年7月在我院任教)


1992: ELTE BTK Centre for English Teacher Training;English Teacher Co-trainer: Certificate

1993: IHLS Hastings,GB;Course for English Teacher Trainers;Certificate of Attendance

1995: BC Newcastle,GB;Course for English Teachers;Certificate of Attendance

1999: University of Limerick,Ireland; Course for English Teachers;Certificate of Attendance

2000: IHLS Budapest;RSA/CELTA grade B

Major/full time work experience:

1990-1995: Trade Lingua Language School.Budapest;teacher of English

1992-2000: Karinthy F. gimnazium,Budapest;trainer of trainee teachers of English for University of Budapest,Centre for Teacher Training(ELTE CETT)

1995-1997: State Language Examination Board, Budapest; examiner

1995-1998: Mentor Language School,Budapest;business language teacher at Price Waterhouse,Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank,etc.

1997-1999: High School of Economics,Budapest;teacher of business English

1999-2000: ELTE CETT,Budapest;course tutor for classroom studies and language skills

October2000-May2001: The British Council Hungary;Contractual work on secondary school course book Zoom in on Britain and accompanying teacher's book;co-author and co-editor

2001-2002: Nanyang-Chiway International School,Shaoxing,Zhejiang,China

sice March 2003 The British Council Hungary;Contractual work on www.intercooltural.hu,on-going web-site project; materials writer and editor

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