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Erin Shutty(2002-2004年7月在我院任教)



----Professional training in database

management, data collection/retrieval, integration, analysis and reporting.

----Experience managing vendor relations

concerning technical as well as creative issues. Strong business background in

quantitative/qualitative analyses, economic forecasting, planning and


----Experience in economic models and

methods, as well as financial practices. Excellent communication and

presentation skills.



Bachelor of Science-Marketing, Business Economics and Public Policy, Fine Arts

Certification:May 1999 GPA33.25

----Coursework involving a broad business

background in accounting, economics, computer skills and business communictions

with focus on marketing, economics and public policy.


----CHARLES SCHWAB & Co, Inc-Fishers,

IN October 2000-November 2001

Technical Analyst:

----·Provided diverse business units with

data-driven web solutions used to support operational analyses.

----·Utilized ASP, SQL, JavaScript and

VBScript to incorporate complex business

logic into serverside scripts.

----·Projects included the design,

programming, testing and implementation of reports

that generated statistics involving the

national brokerage operations centers.

----·Provided simple, accurate and timely

ad hoc reporting on a variety of issues

including database maintenance, employee

status, segment performance and

toll-free numbers.

----·Responded to after-hours pages

concerning process maintenance on national servers

and Aspect phone switches. Pesponsible for

ensuring the proper functioning of data

collection and correcting any missed data

for multiple locations.

----·Generated weekly high-level summary

reports for VP use concerning overall

brokerage performance.

----·Laid off November 30,2001 due to firm

wide cost-cutting efforts.

---- GOCOLLECT. COM-Schaumburg, IL March

2000-October 2000

Data Analyst / Inventory Control &


----·Developed stuctured queries in Ms SQL

6.5 environment for data retrieval and report building Purposes. Utilized MS

Access and MS Excel to integrate data and produce financial and inventory

reporting. Responsible for majority of day-to-day inventory and purchasing

reporting as well as data presented at quarterly Founders' Meetings.

----·Navigated the database through SQL

locating vendor code and mapping issues thus

resulting in a more functional system.

----·Implemented a procedure for merchants

to sell over 200 items in a "Presale" status

generating an additional $ 40,000 in

revenue over a six-week period.

----·Consulted merchants on creative

issues, marketing ideas and provided hardware and

systems support while developing long-term



IL September 1999-January 2000

Management Consultant:

----·Completed ASCENT(A Strategic Curiculum

Emphasizing N-Tier Technologies),a

corporate technology training program

focusing on Java, SQL, Visual Basic and

C++ programming.

----·Designed and developed batch and

online Java applications including database

access, end-user interface, embedded SQL,

client/server functionality and

systems testing.

----·MasteRed C++ constructs and syntax,

Classes, Arrays / Strings, Pointers, File I/O

and accessing an Oracle database using


----·Built Visual Basic applications while

training in constructs and syntax, Active X

Controls, Forms, Arrays / Strings, File

I/O, database access and systems testing.

----·Successfully applied above concepts in

development of an interactive GUI

application, which accepts user input and

updates database in client / server


----·MCS MW Work / Life Database:Developed a research plan and compiled a

comprehensive research document for data

loading into a team-built internal Lotus

Notes database. Administered data loading

and training of resourecs for final phase

of project. Responsible for updating the

database after user feedback, documentation and taking the


----·Laid off January 20,000 due to firm

wide cost-cutting efforts.

---- INDLANA UNIVERSTY- Bloomington, IN

January 1998-May 1998

Teacher's Assistant:

----·Consulted students on various software

and desktop management complications.

----·Responsible for ensuring students'

understanding of technical issues by adapting explanations and realworld



1997-August 1997

Healthcare Intern:

----·Communicated with the healthcare teams

in Tampa and Phoenix to organize tradeshow presentation materials and research

competitor systems / contracts.

----·Constructed and applied new Access

databases to track contract renewals, RFP's and the internal proposal process.

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